Can Rabbits Eat Cheese? – Yes or No – Here’s why

We all love our fluffy rabbits. It’s only natural that you will want to give your rabbit a little extra treat to keep them happy. But it’s important to remember that rabbits need specific foods to fulfill their dietary needs. So you should always double-check whether your rabbit can eat the treat you have in mind for them before you give it to them.

You may be wondering, can rabbits eat cheese?

The answer is no, rabbits cannot eat cheese. This is a treat that you should keep firmly in the fridge and not give to your fluffy friend. This is because cheese is naturally high in fat, and doesn’t have any fiber in it. Your rabbit needs a diet that’s packed full of fiber and very low fats. So feeding your rabbit cheese won’t do them any favors, and could actually harm them. 

Cheese is also packed full of lactose, which rabbits can’t digest. This cheesy treat isn’t toxic to your rabbit, so there’s no need to panic if your kids have fed some to your pet by mistake. However, feeding your rabbit a lot of cheese can cause them some serious intestinal issues.

It’s important to remember that your rabbit will get all of the nutrition they need from their usual diet of hay. So while you can feed them a few healthy veggie treats such as snap peas or pumpkin, these should only account for around 10% of their daily diet. Cheese is not the best treat to give your rabbit, and you should instead save this snack for yourself.

Can cheese kill rabbits?

The answer to this question will entirely come down to how much cheese the rabbit has accidentally eaten. While it’s true that cheese isn’t toxic for rabbits, so it won’t kill them instantly, it is still very harmful. Eating a small amount of cheese likely won’t hurt your rabbit immediately. But it will cause them digestive problems.

This is because rabbits can’t digest lactose. So ingesting dairy products such as cheese can alter the gastrointestinal bacteria balance in your rabbit’s system. It can then cause your rabbit’s health to worsen. 

If your rabbit has consumed some cheese, it will be important to watch them carefully over the next 24 hours. Keep an eye on your rabbit’s behavior. Is this normal or has it changed? Does their feces appear normal? If your rabbit appears to display signs of distress, you should take them to your vet straight away.

So while feeding your rabbit cheese won’t kill them, it could seriously harm their health. You should never feed your rabbit human food as a general rule of thumb. Your rabbit will get everything they need from their usual diet of hay.

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Why is cheese bad for rabbits?

Cheese is bad for your rabbit because of several different reasons. Rabbits need a diet that is high in fiber and low in fat. Cheese is a treat that is the complete opposite of this. It is a dairy product that is naturally high in fat, and doesn’t contain any fiber at all. 

If your rabbit eats foods that are high in fat, this can cause them a number of health issues such as bloating, indigestion, and gas. This is because there is a number of bad bacteria in your rabbit’s intestines which will then feed on the fats, which then produces gas, and makes your rabbit very uncomfortable.

Cheese also has the wrong kinds of proteins in it for your rabbit. Your rabbit needs vegetable proteins, which they get from their natural diet. Cheese is packed full of animal proteins, and at much higher quantities than they actually need.

It’s also important to remember that rabbits are lactose intolerant. So your rabbit won’t be able to digest the dairy in the cheese. This can cause them to experience things such as diarrhea as well as gastrointestinal discomfort. Rabbits are also unable to vomit, so won’t be able to do anything about an upset stomach as other animals can.

What happens if a rabbit eats cheese?

You may be reassured by the news that cheese isn’t toxic to rabbits. However, if consumed at all or in large amounts, it can cause your rabbit severe discomfort. Your rabbit is lactose intolerant, so won’t be able to digest the dairy products. This will then cause bloating, gas, indigestion, as well as diarrhea.

It may also be tempting to think that your rabbit is fine because they don’t appear to be sick at first glance. But your rabbit can’t throw up like we do if we eat a bit of bad food. It will be important to watch your rabbit carefully after they’ve eaten cheese. If they appear lethargic, are acting unusually, or appear to be in discomfort, you should take your rabbit to see your vet. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that cheese will have far too much calcium in it for your rabbit. This can then block their urinal system, which can in turn cause kidney stones over time. It’s also worth noting that once your baby rabbit has been weaned from their mother, they stop producing the lactase enzyme they need to digest milk.

In summary

So there you have it! You can’t feed your rabbit cheese for several reasons. Your rabbit will need a diet that’s high in fiber and low in fat. Cheese is a snack that is high in fat and has no fiber. Rabbits also can’t digest lactose, so you will be causing great discomfort for your rabbit if you give them cheese.

Your rabbit will get all of their nutrition from their usual diet of hay. This should account for 80% of their diet. If you want to feed them a treat, you should opt for some leafy greens. This will be much better suited to your rabbit’s digestive system.

If your rabbit has accidentally ingested cheese and shows signs of discomfort, you should take them to your vet immediately.